27 Feb
King of the hill is the name of the Facebook game that allows you to play against other people, or yourself. You can use it as a social networking tool. It also has a storyline that you can follow along with, in the process of earning coins. So you get to see your character go through several stages of the game. The story is set in a farm where you meet the various friends you make along the way.
Each of them is equipped with some unique ability. They may be an expert hunter or can help you carry bags or change clothes. They also have special powers of their own that will help you in the game. And the choices you make here will determine your fate in the end. The Facebook Coin Master Friend seems to be a strategy based game.
You have to build up your gold supply and earn more coins while you level up. If you fail to reach all the different levels in the shortest time, you will have to pay the same coins again to continue. This can be a bit of a challenge, but if you practice, the learning curve is short enough that you won't feel any strain when you start playing. The mechanics are very simple to follow. You need to collect loot from zombies in your vicinity, so that you can use them to make more weapons, and eventually get new pets.
These animals are useful when it comes to your quest to earn more coins. If you don't succeed in earning enough coins in a particular phase, you have to start all over again. This usually gets pretty tiresome, especially when you have to do this four times a day. However, this does give you a sense of accomplishment every time you do so. The graphics and sound are average.
The gameplay is okay, though it would have been better if there was a hint system or a tutorial. This would have made the process a lot easier. Coins are essential to progress through the game. You can purchase upgrades, weapons, items, or make new friends that you meet in-game. The interesting twist in this game is that you aren't only competing against other players online.
You are also competing against the Facebook gods, who keep track of how much gold you have, and what abilities you have at the end of each stage. The creator of the game suggests that this might actually increase the overall enjoyment level, as you see that you are losing to the Game gods. You can also look at this as a challenge. Just imagine if you actually won, how much Coins you could make. In the end, if you like this type of game, there is another good thing about it.
You can use it in your business and you can put up shop and build up a network of people you know and that you can communicate with through this network. The coin master village game is simply a fun way to socialize. You will be able to get to know your friends a lot easier, as well as make new friends. This game is perfect for everybody, kids, teenagers, college students, retirees, and even seasoned gamblers.