27 Aug
After playing the game of Facebook Coin Master Mobile Game, I have to conclude that this game is really fun. After playing the game, I am feeling anxious to test out its other features as well. The main premise of the game is to take the advantages of cards and tokens, which are then put in one's card deck. Although, it is just a simple game, it has the ability to arouse competitive spirit. The Facebook game is made up of two parts- the "Battle Station" and the "Boss Arena".
Both of these parts work separately and can be combined with each other to create a truly fun and exciting experience. The Battle Station allows the players to earn tokens by defeating boss monsters that are featured on a particular round. These tokens can then be used to play various "Free 100 spins" on the Mobile app game game. For instance, after winning a battle against an opponent, the player would be able to win prizes by using the tokens earned from that battle. As the game progresses, the player can increase his chances of winning a prize by increasing his chances of playing free 100 spins.
The number of tokens earned in each battle also determines the number of free 100 spins the player will be able to play during the course of the game. Therefore, to prevent getting locked into the game, it is best to prepare a good number of tokens before each battle. There are a lot of activities on Facebook, in which players can also participate in free 100 spins. However, with the implementation of these new features in the game, the Facebook players can now create alliances with other players and could even create their own business ventures. In addition to the strategies, the Facebook players can now create "special effects" for themselves.
When a player wants to create a special effect, he has to use the "Special Effects Token" to create a certain effect. Through the introduction of the "Special Effects Token", the Facebook game has evolved to a more dynamic and complex entity. The "Boss Arena" is another feature introduced in the game. There are two modes that are available in the Boss Arena: the "Easy Mode" and the "Hard Mode". Both modes are similar to each other.
However, the Boss Arena has a more intricate level of difficulty compared to the other modes. In "Easy Mode", the objective of the players is to win more battles with the "Free 100 spins" on the "Boss Arena". In "Hard Mode", the objective is to defeat all enemies in the "Boss Arena" within the shortest time frame. It is actually quite hard to achieve victory in the latter mode. On the other hand, the "Boss Arena" of the "Easy Mode" offers a smaller space for the boss monsters to attack the player.
As a result, the space gets a lot more empty so that the player has to find a way to fend off the boss monsters. As a result, the player is given some breathing space to use the resources provided by the "Boss Tokens" before the game starts. If the player uses too much of his "Boss Tokens", the game will be limited to three rounds so that the player has to quickly find a way to win the battle. If you want to play the Facebook version of the game, you could download the application on your mobile phone. This way, you will be able to enjoy all the excitement of the game on Facebook and also create your own social network at the same time.