11 Jul
I'm going to tell you a little story about the free Facebook Coins available for iPhone Coin Master and Android Coin Master. I love collecting coins, but haven't really taken the time to compare my collection with some of the newer games that are out there. So what am I going to say? I've got six paid apps that I've purchased and have only played for ten minutes or less. None of them have a level where you collect the most coins, just basic coins. I really like the concept behind Facebook coin apps, but never got around to testing any of them.
I'm not getting any of those coins back until after a year has passed. On Facebook, you can buy coins in the form of tokens called "coins", which allow you to trade in the coin master game. They may be free, but I've never seen any real indicators or goals that are tied to those coins. Every iPhone and Android coin master game is set up so that you have to buy tokens to get coins. Once you have enough of those coins, you can buy more cards that come in packs.
The coins you buy really make a difference in the game, because if you buy a bunch of cheap cards, you will miss out on the opportunity to get more expensive cards later on down the road. Another aspect of the coin master game that I really like is that it allows you to earn points by playing the game. You'll get points for doing normal things, but also for playing in special themed levels. It encourages you to play the game more, because you can get a bonus point for each card you put into your deck. If you have coins, you can "warp" through the game and collect coins in the old school way.
So when you complete the level, you still get the coins, but at the cost of your time. Each level you complete is worth three new cards, and once you've collected all three of them, you will have to purchase the original coins. That's a lot of coins. The amount of time you play also affects the value of the coins you get from completing the level. The game shows how many coins you have left, and once you go over what you have to buy new ones, you will be automatically sent another ten cards to buy.
This happens so often that the coins drop to a fraction of their original value. It's a little bit of a grind, but I've found that it keeps me playing for quite a while. The game has a timer, so it makes sense that you get a little bit of time for every play. You can also buy tokens and play for a day to see how long it takes you to complete a level. All of the coins you buy here carry over to the coin master game on the Android and iPhone version.
When I started playing the free cards game, I didn't realize that the coins were replaced by its pay version, and that made me a little angry. Then I realized that the new cards and coins are replaced by new cards as well. So I quickly realized that they aren't that different from the original coins and cards, and I haven't had to start over from scratch. I'm not going to get into the Android version here because I don't think there is enough information available yet on the games. I've only heard good things about the iPhone version, so I would recommend it.
But the android version may be a better choice for someone who enjoys Facebook games and wants to try something new. The point is that the coins do carry over between the free coins and the paid coins, and you can spend them on whatever you want. The one downside is that you're going to be forced to buy the new cards you get if you want to progress in the game.