27 Sep
A little while ago I read a tweet by someone who had hacked the Raid coin master game. It was my first thought that I wanted to share this information with everyone. I didn't want anyone to get scammed. The Raid game is a really cool game. There is an online game of it that people can play in order to help them earn extra income.
I have an account on there as well and am a very active player. Last night, someone in the game had deleted my friend's account and tried to get Coins from her account. Apparently they were using another friend's account to get it done. Since I am not very good at computers, I decided to log into twitter and see if I could help them out. I just typed in "friend me" and they were under there friends list.
I have no idea why they would be doing that but it got me curious enough to check them out. When I went to their friend's account they actually had two separate accounts. One where they made friends, and one where they took Spins out. The person who deleted their account did some sort of hacking to make it look like their friend had their account when they hadn't done anything to it. They were able to get their real information such as their name, email address, phone number, and all.
Since I saw what they had done, I made them an account on Facebook, Twitter, and every other social networking site. I told them not to post anything that could be traced back to them because I was going to find out about them. When I logged in to my account, I found out that the person who did the hacking had tried to get me kicked off of all the networks because I was looking up his friends. So I had to find a way to get him to tell me who his friends were. I was able to do that by getting a little creative with my search.
I opened up my twitter app and typed in the exact phrase the hacker had used to get me kicked off. After a minute or two of searching he finally came back to me. He was from Scotland, which was enough proof for me. He also gave me his twitter page which I had saved and had downloaded for him. I was able to go back into his tweets and found a bunch of spam comments he was making.
There were a few inside jokes he was making with his friends about the raid coin master game hack that he was claiming to have done. I went back to my page on Twitter and pulled the comments out. I found a bunch of comments that were pretty funny and all in good fun. So I opened up a couple of these and typed "raid coin master game hack" into Google and posted them all. Within a few minutes I had found a bunch of links to my posts, which led me to both the page where the hacks were made and the page where they were being posted to.
I knew if I could get them on there I could catch them in the act. When I was able to access their accounts, I was able to see the original source of the raids coin master game hack. I was able to catch them in the act and take control of the account and ban them. Myself and all of you should look for this hack in the future and try to get it taken off of Facebook and Twitter.