01 May
This is a game I've been looking forward to getting my hands on. The game is called Fox Coin Master, and it's been developed by Tencent. The reason I'm particularly interested in the game is because of its social features. It's a free Facebook game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, so I'm sure the Fox Coin Master could end up doing very well in the App Store. It was developed to be as social as possible.
So what do I mean by this? I mean, it offers an "adventure" that is totally social. Instead of being one-way only, the game allows players to connect and share in the same adventure through its social network integration. Therefore, you can be in the same adventure with anyone from anywhere on the planet. You can either join a family-style adventure, or compete with friends or other players in "group" social adventure games. Like I said, I find this extremely impressive.
Once you join the community of players that are playing the Fox Coin Master, you'll find that they'll have lots of stories and conversations that happen on the coin world. These are the actual "adventures" that you find in the game. When you join the community, you'll be put into a group adventure. As you adventure, you'll get to hear others' stories and engage in conversations with them. For example, when a player tells you his adventure with a particular enemy, you'll get to tell him about his adventure! For instance, if you choose to enter into an adventure with another player, you can then write a story on your screen that describes the event.
You can also share in the adventure by getting to tell your friend about it. This is how the fun really gets started in the game. What else can you get out of your participation in the community in the Fox Coin Master? Well, that's another topic for another article. If you're having trouble getting in touch with other players, you can always go to Twitter. As Twitter is a free platform, you can engage in Twitter conversations with other players as well.
After all, many of the games that I enjoy the most are social games such as the Fox Coin Master. The more social they are, the more entertaining they become. Therefore, as much as I love to play games, I think it's important that I always have other kinds of social experiences. This is what has helped me keep my mind active and to stay focused, rather than staring at my phone for hours on end. As mobile game makers continue to develop social games, I'm sure we'll see more interesting social games hit the market.
It'll be interesting to see how it changes the way we play games in the future.