15 Sep
We're not sure why the game makers who created this game decided to take an alternate route of what happened to the person who was considered the winner of the last round, win 100 spins at the end of the game. But they made an exception to allow the game to cheat by simply replacing the "lucky" player with a fake player. This way, the fake player could go up in the player's wins until he reached the top of the game and then, win spin at the end of the game. This would make it so that all the wins would be less likely and that way the next time someone played the game, they might get a much better chance to beat the program, if the luck factor was used. You would think that someone would notice this and remove this feature, but apparently, it didn't occur to anyone.
But the fact is, the person who designed the game actually made a very simple mistake that could have been avoided by other people at all times. All they had to do was to use their spare time and learn how to utilize the method that they used to win 100 spins at the end of the game. Yes, that's right, the person who designed the Twitter Coin Master Level is actually talking about how easy it is to become a millionaire in this game. Why wouldn't he? Now we don't know for sure if he even realizes this, but the person who made this, and probably the person who made the Coin Master Level game, have used this method to become the top player at the end of win 100 spins at the end of the game. So, we wonder why they are doing it.
Perhaps, he forgot the actual purpose for the game. Instead of making people want to play the game, it seems like they are using the design of the game to make it easier for them to win. However, it's more likely that the intent was to keep people from having fun playing the game. There's also a concept called automation, and this happens when you set your game up so that your win 100 spins at the end of the game are programmed to be random. Now, we are not saying that this is bad.
But again, it's more likely that the intent was to make it harder for people to play the game, by making the win 100 spins at the end more random. This would leave the other people trying to beat the program by playing the game more of a challenge. If the game makers wanted to make it a little bit easier, they could have programmed the program so that the win 100 spins at the end of the game were balanced, so that, no matter who won, the other people would have to go through it again. After that, if the Coin Master Level was to receive any upgrades, the people who purchased it should be able to beat the program, because now it would be balanced again. Of course, they would have to buy the next upgrade in order to stop the new advancement in the program.
Why does it get worse? The next time you play the game, you will be able to continue winning wins at the end of the game and the next time, when the person who programmed the win 100 spins at the end of the game is winning, you'll be able to start winning again. Then when the next person enters the game, they would still have the advantage, and this means that there is no need to wait for the next person to enter the game. They would just enter the game and start beating the program each time. With the advancements in software, this is more likely to happen because now, everyone playing the game can have the ability to program their own odds to beat the program. It's one thing to have someone win everytime they spin the game.
It's quite another to give those who pay for it the chance to win every time they spin the game. If the creator of the Twitter Coin Master Level ever hears this article, we would like to send him a personal thank you. We wish that he would stop playing the lottery and think about fixing his game!