12 Oct
From a twitter post, I am able to tell you that the Attack Madness Coin Master game rewards you with a limited time Apple ID promo code when you use Twitter access to help them promote it. I wanted to find out more about this deal so I went onto Twitter and asked if anyone got the Twitter credit offer before I got mine. As you can imagine I was quite surprised that not everyone got a twitter credit offer before I got mine. I thought maybe it wasn't for everyone as I found it hard to believe it would be that hard to find. The problem was that the link I had to this promo code was not working properly, it was just blank.
I figured it was something simple but decided to go through it again to see if there were any other links I could find to get an iPhone coin master code. After a little digging I found a link on twitter to get a free iPhone promo code. This particular one I managed to use and got a free phone. So now I will always get a chance to try the game no matter where I am, it's truly amazing. So after getting my free iPhone I downloaded the new version of the Attack Madness Coin Master game and played it for a few hours.
The game is like the previous versions and provides great fun and puzzles, which you can play online or locally. The original game was pretty tough, so I think it's better now that it has been updated with extra levels that provide more challenges and provide greater difficulty. I would highly recommend you try it as it is a lot of fun.