04 Mar
The followers of the twitter coin master game are the biggest fans of this free online game. This was released for mobile phones in a couple of months ago and its players are continuously looking for new versions of this application. Facebook has announced that they would be releasing a version of the game on Facebook. And they have gone as far as setting up a team of developers and making a website that contains the link to this version of the game. Most people who play the Twitter Coin Master Game can't get enough of it and the people who are really into it have found that they have met many friends in the game as well.
In fact there are quite a few players who regularly meet other players who are very passionate about playing this game. People are wondering if this will open up a whole new market of social network sites that could bring a big crowd to the Facebook Android app. Many people do not seem to realize that, as long as you have enough users, Facebook is a success. Most people don't think that it is possible to make Coins from Facebook by simply having friends in it. But if you have enough people who are in the same game as you and have enough friends in the game then you might be able to make some extra Coins.
If you haven't heard of these Internet Coins before, you should really take a look at the website that contains the information about this game. It is called "Hammerheads" and if you visit their website you will find several versions of the game and also some free versions of the game. To my surprise, I actually found an Android version of the Twitter Coin Master Game. This was surprising because normally the only thing that the Android users are allowed to play is free games. I have also noticed that there are versions of the game that are made by fans who like the Twitter Coin Master Game and also versions that are created by people who are trying to create their own versions of the game.
The interesting thing is that these players all share the same version and they are just trying to spread the word about it so that more people get to play the game. So, if you are one of the Facebook players who have been waiting for this big news then you better act now. All of your friends might be playing the same game and you never know when you may want to go to a version of the game that your friends are playing. Of course this is not the only way to get in on this game but the advantage that the Facebook players have is that this game has a built in community. You will always find players that share the same interests and that is something that you will really like about the game.
So this is why the Facebook players continue to be very excited about the release of the Facebook version of the attack madness. They are not even considering it as a game because of all of the social network sites that are around and very popular today. So the next time you are thinking of getting excited about the release of the game, please remember that you should wait for a little bit because Facebook will release more versions of the game at a later date. They have already gotten a hold of the iPhone version and they will also be making the Android version available soon. So what are you waiting for? You can play the great fun game that has turned out to be a hit on the Facebook platform.