15 Mar
. The Viking Coin Master Game Hack is simple to learn, yet is capable of challenging even the most hardcore mobile gamer. There are many elements to this game, including XP boosts, coins, levels, weapon upgrades, towers, shields, and more. This game is a great choice for a Sunday afternoon break or a night at home with a few friends. The Viking game comes complete with eight levels of increasing difficulty, as well as an elaborate storyline that ties in nicely with Attack Madness.
Each level requires players to defeat two monsters, earning points. Players are not only rewarded points but also a wide array of coins that can be used to buy different items and upgrades. These include Golden Sword Upgrade, Cheerleader upgrade, and Jet Pack upgrade. There are many other elements of the Viking game, including enemies that run faster than others, do more damage, or do the same damage as others. There are even special elemental attacks that need to be blocked by shields.
Some monsters do extra damage to multiple elements, while others do extra damage to individual elements. The item upgrade sections help players gain access to different weapon upgrades. The Viking game is not like any other game available on the App Store, including Attack Madness. This one adds a little something unique to the gameplay. This is a game that is completely engaging and fun to play.
One of the reasons that the Viking game is a great choice for any iPhone gamer is that it is completely free to download. It's also a quick and easy download to boot. The game is also easy to teach to your friends because all the elements are completely hidden. You'll also learn some cool Viking words for a variety of attacks, including the Viking Kick and Viking Slam. While the game is truly meant for the Vikings, you can really use the Viking Kick as a means of finding coins in the process.
Most of the elements are located within the game and can be found easily by looking for coins in the level. These coins can be found in many ways, including finding special coins hidden inside of traps. Some coins will pop out of the floor when triggered. Others can be spotted inside of tiles. Coins that are found will appear as a block or circle.
Then, you can enter a number which will turn the coin into the correct face. This number can be found by spinning the game or tapping on the screen. All of the elements are clearly marked on the screen so that you know how to use them for the best results in the Attack Madness version of the game. It is also easy to see how many coins are available. Once the game starts, players must actually watch the coin count so that they do not miss out on any coins.
You will have to time your touch on the screen so that you hit all of the right coins at the same time. One of the best parts about the game is that you can get up to six coins to collect per level. However, you will also have to start from scratch each time after collecting a certain amount of coins. When you take into account that you have to collect the entire set of eight coins each level, this becomes all the more easy to do. The story behind the Viking Coin Master Game Hack is fascinating.
The way the game is presented to the player will be difficult to determine without the entire story. Each level contains a clear cut goal that you can clearly see if you look carefully enough. The story unfolds so thoroughly that you cannot help but relate to the Viking heroes and their struggles in the world of Attack Madness. If you're looking for a cool new iPhone game that will have you playing all day long, you can't go wrong with the Viking Coin Master Game Hack.