12 Oct
The Viking Coin Master is a new mobile app that has become quite popular in the United States and has been downloaded millions of times. The reason for its popularity is its unique ability to create winning virtual coins using your iPhone and it's many potential benefits. Since the company that created the Coin Master Game decided to make a sequel they are able to feature even more cards, and add more features like Stocks, Cash, a Mobile app game, and even more World Domination cards. I have actually tried out all the other cards and found them to be quite fun and addictive. However, the World Domination card seems to be the one that is most difficult to gain a hold of so I have chosen to review this particular card.
The World Domination WD card allows you to place a card from your hand on the playing area of your phone, which when selected will place a specific amount of WDs onto the playing area. This card allows you to flip over various boxes that are located in several levels of the game board and then has the option to place a certain amount of WDs into each of these boxes. The exact amount of WDs that you can place into each box can vary based on how many coins you have placed on the playing area so keep that in mind when looking for the right WD value to place in the WD boxes. Once the WDs are placed in the correct boxes and they are all matched, they will either be a Victory or a Loss depending on the direction that the WDs go. The only way to get these WDs to be in the right direction is to continuously spin the same pattern that is available within the game board.
For the most part I found that the WDs in general were pretty easy to get but the World Domination WD was a little tougher because the coins can not move quickly from one card to another while the WDs on the coins move fast. You do have a chance to see which card wins the coin, and what the final outcome of the WDs is when you press "Back" on your phone and look at the screen where the winning card is located. This is also true if you lose and choose to spin a different pattern that is available within the game board. There are still more elements within the game such as Skill Cards, additional themes to choose from, and even an Achievement Leaderboard. The only problems that I have with this game are a lack of graphics, and an audio portion that I haven't really found that interested me.
The actual gameplay in this game is still quite addicting. Many individuals that I have talked to about this game have told me that they still play it even though it is so new and there are so many features available. It is a great new version of a classic game and can be downloaded from the App Store and I have found several iPhone app reviews to go along with it. The overall game play is very addictive and is not very easy to play at first but after a while it does become fairly simple to pick up. Once you pick up the game you will find that it requires a lot of skill and reflexes but with enough practice and perseverance it can become quite enjoyable.