16 Aug
In the latest Warhammer Online: Storm of Souls patch, the Raid has been reworked to include the Horde and the Alliance factions, though there are still plenty of secrets and rewards left undiscovered for players who have not unlocked the Raid. I am in the group that would like to spend our time progressing through the system in order to unlock the Raid, but still be able to continue on to the World Bosses without it. The thing is, the game does not need to put you through an extensive process to unlock the Raid. I was able to unlock the Raid without having to pay a cent for any part of the game, because all of the in-game currencies are automatically created when the game begins. So here is my suggestion for the game.
Create a new currency and call it "unlock all the game zones" by having it placed into a hotshot community. Place some missions in this new currency for the game to give, but do not have any extra missions. This way, the community will know that there is enough for them to continue with whatever they are doing. Then once they have reached the top of the ladder, give them something like the next two expansion raids, The Raid on the Hydrax Isle and the Raid on Dire Maul, at least until the community members know the Raids for themselves. You have two games going on here, since you are trading one thing for another and giving the community something to keep busy while they get familiar with the game.
After this, let them purchase Raid Coins with the Raid Coin Master Game Hack, but instead of upgrading the Raid to level 10, put points into each of the three new areas of progression (Pilgrims' Grove, Bloodpine Woods, and Crimson Wastes). Having these points and achievements for the community to move on to and complete while they are progressing through the game is a good way to reward them for their dedication. One last thought for those who are concerned about the game, or the servers going down, is to have servers set up for the community. You may be able to see some downtime, but this would only be during special times, and you would have the ability to login and play without a problem. If you cannot find a server that is available when you have to work, or maybe you are taking a break between the times when you can log in, then you can go to another server to play in the Raid Coin Master Game Hack.
You can only do this while you are working on something else, and after some time has passed, you would be able to log on to the special server that is set up for the community and continue with your current quest to advance through the game. Another way for the community to progress through the game is by learning how to play the Raid itself. Knowing what they have to do and how to get there, as well as being able to do all of the missions on their own, is a good way to start out as a Community and help grow the game by being able to play with others. Most of these will have specific achievements for them to do, but once you get to them, you will have to get up and go. Since the game will run smoothly and there will be no lag, the time you spend trying to figure out how to complete this mission will actually add to the enjoyment of the game and also increase the number of people who are playing.
With so many communities now out there, a lot of them will not provide help if you do not go out of your way to learn more about what they are offering. It is only by word of mouth that the Warcraft community will learn about what the developers are doing and what improvements they are making to the game, so the Community Coin Master Game Hack will help the community to learn the specific ways to play the game and avoid being frustrated at getting stuck when the game is too hard. This is invaluable for the people who do not want to spend time grinding and are looking for valuable tips that can help them to progress. smoothly through the game, and avoid anything that might make it more difficult. This will be a perfect game for those who do not want to have to spend a dime on in order to be able to play the game.
win it or anything else for that might require the Coins.