18 Jun
Although I have been blogging for quite some time, I'm still shocked by how many people are unaware of the simple facts about the iPhone Coin Master New Event game. The game is very simple and actually very easy to understand, so even a child can learn how to play the game. This new event that is available is called "Lantern Trading". You are presented with a very attractive big lantern. With this beautiful lantern you will be able to trade your coins with other players.
When you are successful in trading your coins, you get to purchase items that will help you make your journey easier. You can do things like go down the street to buy a frog which will make your journey a little easier. It would be very difficult to carry all those coins. So, you will probably be required to make a complete list of all the items you need to purchase. Of course, when you are using a phone screen the map can be very tricky.
As well as making your journey a little easier you will be helping other players as well in the new event. You will see the lives of other players decrease. You can then help them up by tapping them. Once you have helped one player up, you then have to wait for them to stop falling. Once they stop falling you then have to try to complete the task before they do.
If you are successful in completing the task you will see all the lives of the other players disappear. You then have to try to complete the next task before their lives are reduced. What you have to doin the next task is to keep increasing the life meter. It will stop at the point where you have collected all the coins, but it will also let you purchase a gift card that will be used in the next stage. If you are fortunate enough to have won the jackpot, you will have to wait for the jackpot ball to appear.
Once the jackpot ball appears, you will then have to use the coins from your wallet to buy a prize ticket. There is an interesting way that you can use the coins in your wallet. It will give you a special advantage over other players, because when you have collected the amount of coins that is needed you will be able to buy items on the street. You will see the amount of coins you need to spend and the items that you need to buy in the street. After you have spent the amount of coins you need you will see a new item appearing on the street.
Once you have collected all the items and your total has reached the amount of coins you have spent, you will be able to continue with the event. The objective is for you to complete the new event in a certain amount of time.