27 Oct
A new and unique way to get that free Facebook gift card, or perhaps the free game needed to beat the game is the Twitter coin master game. In this game, you have to compete with other Twitter users to see who can gain the most friends on the social networking site. There are two ways to accomplish this. You can either win Twitter friend coins as you go, or you can actually buy Twitter friend coins to place in a Twitter coin master hopper. You can buy the coins to place in the hopper on the websites.
It is the most difficult way to earn coins, but it has potential to give you quite a bit of Coins. The hard part about this game is the time spent buying the coins. Since there are two ways to get Twitter coin hoppers, it means that you have to purchase both at the same time to earn coins. So why do you need to do this? The purpose is to slowly earn coins over a period of time in order to become a leader. This allows you to make Coins by selling the coins you collect over time.
There are two ways to actually play the game. You can either compete with other Twitter users, or you can compete with Twitter itself. Since the Facebook friends bonus is always one step behind of Twitter's actual Spins, you should choose to compete with Twitter since it has the bigger bonus. Twitter will not payout as quickly as Facebook, but it does pay out in the end. Of course, if you would rather just gain friends on Twitter, then it would be best to just search for random Twitter users.
If you find a friend, then contact them about a Facebook friendship request in order to earn coins.