09 Oct
Card Trading is a great mobile game that can be played on the iPhone. The gameplay is simple. Players are given a hand of cards and they must be able to manipulate them to generate a profit by selling and buying in the market. It also allows you to earn Coins by inviting friends to play with you. The game is free and can be downloaded.
There are many bonuses available to download as well. Twitter: Fox and Social Ticket: Both of these games offer free downloads on the iPhone. I think the one to go with if you're looking for something that's quick to play and somewhat addictive is Twitter. If you want to connect with people and get something to do while waiting around for the internet to download the game, then it's Twitter. If you want to gain some quick Spins, then you should try Social Ticket.
But there's more to these games than just playing them. To maximize your game play, you will need to add to them by finding these two interesting social networking sites. Facebook: Facebook is a network for friends, entertainment, businesses, sports, news, and much more. In addition to Facebook, you can also login to Twitter and use the links on Twitter to play the Apple iPhone games. You can find many good things on Twitter by finding the other people who are playing them.
I also enjoy Twitter to keep up with what's going on. It's so simple to join the network and I find it cool that they allow third party applications on their platform. Most Facebook applications don't make it past their approval process. On Twitter, you can browse through hundreds of apps and see if they are available on the iPhone.