30 Jun
With a simple twist, a new Twitter promotion for the iPhone Coin Master game has been revealed. A Twitter user who goes by the name of Liam Ferris has created a Twitter account that gives away 10 free 25 spins at the iPhone Coin Master game at any time during the day. The person who wins the twit counts the number of followers he or she has on the Twitter account. If that number of followers is greater than the number of followers of the person in question has on the main account then the person with the larger number of followers wins the contest. This is great news for people who love playing games and can win a free spin at the game.
People love to play these kinds of games on their mobile phones. It seems that people are addicted to this type of games. Just try looking on Facebook and Twitter sites for a couple of hours and you will find thousands of users with iPhones playing coin games on their phones. Most of these people tend to do the game as a part of their social media play. As mentioned, this game is played in a very organized manner as people enter bids for the number of 25 spins they would like to have at the game.
Most of the people actually set aside a certain amount for themselves and then they bid to win the free 25 spins. The people who play the game use these bids to buy the amount of 25 spins they want in a given period of time. This makes this type of mobile game addictive. You don't want to let your phone run out of 25 spins but then you want to keep playing it until the end. Tapping on the Tweet icon is the easiest way to get to the person that runs the account.
But it is also necessary to read all the tweets carefully before doing anything else. Even if you have an answer you should read all the tweets first before finally tweeting a response. That way you will be sure you won't miss any announcements or promotions. You may be able to visit the Twitter account directly on their website. It is even possible to have a direct link to the tweet to your Facebook page by putting in the URL address to the tweet and clicking "send."
People with an iPhone or Android phone can enjoy the fun of winning free 25 spins at the Coin Master game. The only thing that needs to be done is to take a few moments of your time and visit the Twitter page. Don't worry about having to deal with Twitter; all you need to do is make sure you have an interesting tweet and give it a try.