07 Apr
Ever thought about trying out a new app that's been doing the rounds in the Facebook group game world? There's a new hit game in town, and I've been taking the opportunity to try it out. It's called Viking Coin Master and has a very simple premise - you'll need to spin a virtual hammer to earn coins. This is pretty much par for the course when it comes to these types of games, and there are many different requirements you'll need to play this game to your full potential. You have to be at least somewhat familiar with playing a game on a social media platform, as Facebook doesn't exactly offer an easy learning curve. There are a number of tutorials and guides available on the website, but they're not necessarily comprehensive, and they can be quite difficult to follow if you're not already used to reading code.
There are also plenty of players online who have tried out Facebook groups before, and have got to know the ins and outs of using the tool. As you might expect, there's a very small selection of players who are able to fully master the skill of playing this type of game. These are the kind of people who know the ins and outs of Facebook group games and how to succeed by spending some time on a good course of action. Viking Coin Master is a fairly simple game - in fact, it's only two things: one hammer, and one coin. The hammer has to be swung from one side of the game board to the other in order to earn you the required amount of coins.
When you hit the hammer against the board, you'll earn either one or more coins. Of course, you'll need to select a board where the game can be played in its most advantageous way - if you lose, you will get the time back, but if you win you will be losing some coins instead. It's a great way to earn coins and go for a spin in one of the best gaming experiences out there. It's one of the newer Facebook group games, and it's a game that you can do at work, at home, and even at school! Because Viking Coin Master is so simple, the tricks that work best at earning coins are going to be fairly obvious. If you keep hitting the hammer in a straight line (which is what you want), you'll find that you'll soon be earning more than enough to buy a couple of upgrades.
So do keep on trying to spin the hammer in the best possible direction. Another thing that will help you win at Viking Coin Master is getting your hammer spinning in the right direction, and keep it spinning through the game's levels. If you've got a screwdriver attached to your finger, it should be able to keep you busy. If you aren't using a finger, you can still get a few coins by just holding the hammer, like you're holding a cooking knife. One of the interesting things about Viking Coin Master is that the longer you play it, the more coins you're going to be able to earn.
Once you've finished the tutorial, you will be able to move up in level by winning four times, rather than the two coins you earned the first time around. So take that opportunity to get a couple of coins and go for a spin and see how you fare! You may have noticed that Viking Coin Master isn't really very hard to beat. It's not particularly challenging, and you'll find that the course is set up to be quite fair. Once you've got the hang of it, you can make a better impression at the group game, and you'll probably get a few wins in the process! If you've got the time, it may be worthwhile trying to make sure that you're staying a bit further from the hammer than your opponent. This is often the case when the game is set up with two players, but if the group game is limited to a single player it's a good idea to keep your hammer as far away from the board as possible.
One final tip for Viking Coin Master is to make sure that you do win on a couple of occasions! The more you win, the better chance you have of gaining more coins, and so you should make sure that you continue to get the most coins out of the box.