28 Mar
This fun Facebook Group Game is the latest in a long line of exciting new online games that are allowing people to get closer and build their friendships on Facebook. The Viking Coin Master New Event was the first of its kind when it was first launched as a Facebook Group Games. Now you can make an event of your own with the New Event feature. Let's say you just started collecting Vikings and you want to start a treasure hunt. Just create a Treasure Hunt Treasure event and invite your Facebook friends to play along with you.
The Viking Coin Master Facebook Group Game has been going strong for over a year now and has many features that have helped keep players coming back. For one, you can invite your friends from the group to play in a multi-player treasure hunt as long as they are on the same computer. You don't even have to use Facebook! The same idea works with group games that involve more than one person, like the Dog's Name Game. Both of these games allow people to choose a name for their dog and run a version of the scavenger hunt that includes other members of the group. Not only does it get people together, but it makes them more likely to play with other Facebook friends.
If you are looking for a great free coin game to play on Facebook, look no further than the Vikings Coin Master New Event. Players can join this exciting social gathering by either inviting their Facebook friends to join in or just going to the website directly. Treasure Hunt events are all about building a community. You do not necessarily have to win to stay a winner in this game. This is what makes Facebook the best place to play because there is no winner if there is no prize at the end.
Everyone has fun while playing the game and that's what counts. It's not always about winning, but having fun with friends and building a community.