17 Feb
. Recently the Twitter game of Coin Master has become popular. This game is also known as a Social Networking Competition. You need to complete the level, get the coins and unlock the secret levels. The great thing about this game of Coin Master is that you can play the game on Facebook or on your iPhone.
All you need is an Internet connection and a phone. In order to play the game, you need to login to a website on the Internet. Then, you will need to fill the captcha fields with your email id and password so that it can connect you to the Facebook or the iPhone social network site. After you fill in the required information, the game of Coin Master will be automatically set up. You will then be given the chance to begin the game.
The game has several levels and they increase in difficulty as you go higher up. At first, you will need to complete the first level by using the coins you obtain in the beginning. As you complete the level, more coins will be added to your account and you will continue to move up to the next simple level. However, you should remember that if you finish a level without using all the coins you got, the coins will be automatically sent back to your account. You do not want to lose all the coins you earned so try to get it all while you are playing.
Once you finish the first level, you will be given the option to continue on to the next level by clicking on the "Continue" button. The only way you can unlock the secret levels is by completing another level. If you do not complete the level, you will automatically restart the level until you finish it. It's the same for each level. In addition to being a great strategy game, the Twitter game of Coin Master is also used to communicate with other players.
Some of them are trying to play the game as well. By joining a party chat, you can join other players to play the game. These are some of the reasons why the Twitter game of Coin Master is becoming popular. A lot of people are also joining in the fun. It has even been shared on Facebook.