13 Jul
The release of the new World of Warcraft Viking coin master mobile game is one of the reasons to get excited about the upcoming March 2020 WoW patch. There are quite a few interesting and fun things for those that play the mobile version of the game. First, there is the new item called the "How to Card Trading Coin Master," that can be used to play a new event called the "World Event: Win by Playing Game Cards." And, what makes this event such a blast is that players can use the currency that they have collected through playing the game to make their own custom cards to play in the "Card Trading World Event" of the new event. Players will also be able to win a special medal that makes their own customized cards easier to trade for better prices.
What's great about the event is that the best players will be the ones that can earn the most winnings, because they will be the ones who will be playing with the most cards and getting more cards as well. The more cards that they have, the more chance they have at winning. The new Viking coin master allows players to level up their card trades and earn the currencies that they need for creating their own customized cards, rather than needing to purchase them from an item vendor. So, players can level up and earn coins, but they can also win real world Coins through the tournament for the top ranked players. This can be done by completing events as well, because the cards are available to all players, regardless of level.
So, it seems like a win/win situation for both player and game developer.