14 Jul
. Hammer Mania is an online action-packed social game that is included in the coin master. Like other mobile games, this one also allows its players to get online and play with other players from around the world. These users can interact with each other and chat about game strategies using social networking websites like Twitter. The game is popular with gamers due to the Twitter feature.
In fact, more than 4 million people are subscribed to the official Twitter account of the game. People who log on to the official account have been surprised by the many posts made by the developers regarding the new updates of the game. Some of these posts contain tips that can help players get top rank in the game. The developers do not limit themselves to just making a game for the iOS. They also want to make a game for the other platforms such as Android and Windows Phone.
This is another way of offering their games to a wider market. Other games that the developers of the Hammer Mania series are working on include a map version for Android, Nokia N-Gage, Symbian, and Firefox phones. Another new game is about a coin machine that can be played online. It was announced that other gaming platforms like Xbox 360 and Xbox Live are getting the updates of the game as well. Due to the popularity of Twitter and social networking websites, many people are already asking the developers about the possibility of having Twitter integration for the iPhone game.
The developers promised to give it their best efforts and make it happen. The developers are also busy working on the development of the next game in the series, Hammer Head Rush. This is a racing game that makes use of a touchscreen control system for touch screen mobile devices. The developers are currently working on creating websites and downloadable content that will be used for both the mobile and the website versions of the game. There will also be new updates added as soon as possible.
The developers are not yet certain if they will include a Twitter feature for the mobile version of the game. But they still intend to add it if the demand is high enough. The developers made it known that they want to give every player the chance to interact with other users. It is not easy to manage the social network accounts of the Hammer Heads coin master series. However, because of the demand from Twitter users, the developers are working hard to accommodate all the requests that are being made.
One example is when a player wants to add his account to the Facebook page. The developers are working on a Twitter tool that will allow players to register his Twitter URL. Once this URL is added, all players who logged on to the official website are able to see it. The development team is committed to making this happen. If there are enough users who are clamoring for the feature, the developers will do everything possible to implement it.