03 May
If you are one of the many people who are avid fans of the land themed mobile game, you will be very happy to know that the new coin's Master app has introduced a feature that enables you to earn free virtual Spins. The paid version of the game can earn players real Coins when they download the Coin Master app. However, the free version is actually much more popular and is therefore used for testing. This new feature, called Win 1000 spins at Coin Master game, has been added to the free version to see if it is able to bring in more revenue. The development team at In-App-Purchase Inc.
worked on a new feature that could lure more users to the free versions of the game and was able to prove its worth. It gives new users access to a feature that allows them to earn free Spins. They can collect these Cash 1000 spins after they collect specific amount of 1000 spins at the coin master game. Players can start the game with a small number of 1000 spins to begin their roll. After the spin number increases, a random number will be selected and the player gets the chance to win the coin.
The winner gets the full spin for a fixed time frame. As soon as the time limit is over, the player will be prompted to send a message to his friends that he has won a particular coin. If the player sends out a message, a friend can then win the same coin. After this the winner will have the opportunity to send out another message telling his friends that he has won two more 1000 spins that will not change the winner's total. After all the four players have had the chance to win a single coin, the player with the highest amount wins the spin and is the one with Spins that can be deposited into the player's account.
Before the feature of the win 1000 spins at Coin Master app was introduced, players would always try to win coins when they were already spending too much. Because the previous version allowed only winners to win coins, players would spend the free coins on the game just to ensure that they have enough to play another spin. Now though, players can be assured that they will get the maximum reward. These types of features are now available in the free versions of the game. The number of 1000 spins has been reduced by half and the time limit is now just a few minutes.
It has also been reduced from the free version and the amount of Coins players earn has been increased to make the experience more fun. The other big change in the free versions of the game is that the payout is now based on the amount of games played in the last day. This means that the players can actually be assured that the level of their currency does not decrease even if they do not play the game for a long time. The new feature in the coins master rewards' game is just one of the ways that the developers are trying to make the free version a bit more engaging. When a new feature is added to the game, the free version gets to stay up to date with it.
Players will also be given the option to allow their Facebook friends to receive notifications when they win 1000 spins at the game. The app that is able to allow players to send messages to their Facebook friends also proves to be helpful for In-App-Purchase Inc. The majority of users play the free version of the game to test it out before investing in the paid version. So, now that the in-app purchase feature is implemented in the free version, it is time for the company to try to market the new feature to players. The hope is that those who use the free version to test the new feature will turn into fans of the game and download the paid version once they see how helpful the feature is in making their 1000 spins go further.
After all, what is the point of spending all the Coins on the game if you won't even get a single coin? The feature of win 1000 spins at the coin master game is helping the free version to get noticed by users who are not usually familiar with the land themed mobile game. that has recently gained in popularity among fans of the type of game. Now that the feature has been brought to the platform, users will be able to try the new feature for themselves.