08 May
I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Iphone coin master game when a friend asked me to add him as a new account on the "Iphone Coin Master" Facebook page. After playing for about 3 months, I had gained some experience and was looking forward to try my luck at the next level. But it didn't take long for me to see that even if I was well versed in the game, I was falling far short of my expectation. To make it simple, I realized that I had been practicing without realizing it. The big difference in my playing style was that instead of adding new accounts, I was playing the first level or two without actually aiming to win 1000 spins at coin master game.
I found myself gambling too much and not getting paid enough wins! I decided to change my style and play more from the start. I didn't have to wait for other players to add me as an account in order to get some Coins. As a result, I was able to get plenty of Coins easily. If you are too scared to join the "Iphone Coin Master" Facebook group because you think that your skill is not good enough, I would advice you to know the basics and know the tricks. There are lots of players who are very experienced with the game and they will help you increase your bankroll.
The more Coins you win, the higher level you can get. When you are looking for other accounts to join, one way is to give some of your 1000 spins away to people you don't know. Most players prefer to have players from their social circle as their friends and they will add you as a friend. This way, you don't have to wait for other players to add you as an account and you won't end up being an outsider. Instead, you will gain a lot of friends because the people from your circle will also want to have as many friends as possible.
Another way to increase your wins at the coin master game is to make sure that you have the ability to call other players to win 1000 spins at coin master game. If there are two people playing at the same time, and you call both of them to win 1000 spins at coin master game, you will be doubling the chances of winning. To do this, you will have to go to your Friends menu and add the person as a Friend, and then add your partner as a Partner. Make sure that the people in your Friends list are people you trust and the person you will be working with in your win spin at coin master game. Once this is done, you can start winning 1000 spins at coin master game and getting paid! Remember that the best thing you can do when you are starting out is to start with a new account and add new account after getting used to the game.
You will feel more comfortable with the game once you add a lot of accounts, so you will win more 1000 spins at coin master game and you will get paid!