29 Dec
With the recent announcement of the upcoming Raid Facebook Event which has a special twist on the current Win 200 spins at coin master game. Players can play this new spin by adding a simple code to their Facebook event that they can use to instantly spin coins for a small amount of their winnings. Much of the information about the contest has been leaked online. Since the introduction of the former Win 200 spins at coin master game is getting a little stale, I thought I would take a look at this new twist on the program. With the new twist, players will be able to collect new coins and increase their chances of winning by completing "raid-mates" or to add "coin-friends" to their "profile".
This is an online tool that enables players to add new friends on Facebook. As a player gains new friends, they are given different chances of wining more than the usual amount of coins. However, many players find this software to be very addictive, and it can affect them in many negative ways. They start to become more strict with their lives and in some cases they start using drugs, because the tool will leave them no alternative but to play on Facebook. It is important for you to avoid this problem by avoiding the addictive tool.
To play Win 200 spins at coin master, simply enter the code into your Facebook event, join the raid game, and win! You can choose to win more than the usual amount of wins for the coin master game. Many players have been enjoying the latest twist on the coin master game by playing Facebook with other players.