23 Feb
Did you ever wonder how the Facebook and Twitter user bases have reached millions of users? They did not start this way and they are not growing as fast as the coin master video games. So how does it happen? The answer is simple. We've known the secrets for years. Take the game Facebook, for example. It was built around the core idea of user groups.
You start with just a few friends and add friends on Facebook as you add them in other places like Twitter. You can follow the Facebook developers on twitter so you know what you're getting when you join. You make friends and add them to your list and you win at Facebook. If you love the game, you can make Coins as an affiliate from twitter and make Coins by referring new friends to the game. The same principle works on twitter.
Get to know your favorite twitter users and use that relationship to win at Facebook. Then they can follow you on Twitter and you win at Twitter. These two games have been built around something that everyone has known about, social interaction. Spend some time learning and talking to people and you'll quickly make Coins at social networks. I'm sure there are a million more ideas out there but this one seems to be the best and easiest to apply.