04 May
. If you're a fan of the mobile Coin Master, then you know the new event on Facebook is a big hit. It is called Raid Friends, and it lets you team up with your Facebook friends to defeat Boss Ork in a war for his treasure. Read on to learn how to win at Viking Game on Facebook. First, let's discuss the Raid Friends button.
When the button is clicked, there will be a message sent to everyone in your friends list telling them about this new feature, which is available from August 13th to September 14th. In order to get the most out of this new feature, you need to get as many of your friends to click on the Raid Friends button as possible. You want to get their Facebook ID number, and send them messages about this new feature each day in order to get them to click on it. Now, you can begin the process by logging into Facebook, going to the "Manage Friends" page, and tapping on the "Raid Friends" button. Now, you need to wait until a few of your friends have clicked on the button.
You will also see a code box pop up in the middle of the screen. You need to enter the number in the box, and then tap on "Submit". When this is all done, you'll notice that a message will be sent to everyone you're connected to via Facebook. All you need to do is open your Facebook mobile app, tap on the Raid Friends button in the menu, and then wait until you win. Now, you'll notice that it's actually quite easy to win a different character every day.
Your friend might notbe on your list, so you can keep sending messages and win a new friend each day. But, in order to win the entire game, you must be well-coordinated with your friends and coordinate with the Raid Friends system. This is why you should check in on your friends regularly. You may even find that your friends like to play this game a lot. You can send them messages each day about the new features, and they'll click on the Raid Friends button every day to get the next character or something new.
With this new feature, you can win at Viking Game on Facebook if you are clever with your strategy. Just send a message with a code every day and watch as your Facebook friends click on the Raid Friends button to get the next character. So, the next time you launch this new update, you'll be glad you did. Everyone is so excited about this feature, so you will have lots of people helping you win. Just go ahead and install the update, make sure that you're connected to Facebook, and then get started winning at this fun game.
Even better, you can win even more coins every day!